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Top Reasons Why RV Owners Are Now Buying PVC Rubber Roofing

by Scott Horvath on

RV rubber roofing companies  have  been developing high quality rubbers for over 20 years now. EPDM & TPO rubber have been the standard for RV roof repair, with many unique benefits. Durability has been the main focus for these materials and the industry continues to develop/compete to create the next best thing. We want to introduce our customers to the newest and most durable roofing rubber in the industry PVC Rubber.

PMP United PVC is a flexible and durable PVC Roofing membrane designed to meet the unique challenges of an RV roof. This innovative product offers the industry’s best warranty, highest tear and puncture strength, and superior solar reflectivity, keeping your unit cooler. Plus, PVC roofing is maintenance free. Unlike TPO or EPDM roofing, which will decay without treatment and care, PVC will stay strong and reliable without even conditioning it. 

Customers buy PVC roofing membrane because it is the strongest RV membrane, with the highest tensile strength. It's also flexible, which means you can get an airtight seal around vents, corners and other objects and can install it even on a sloped roof.

PVC Pros:
    • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
    • Industry standard for RV roofing
    • Weather proof
    • Energy efficient
    • Highest tensile strength
    • Tear-resistant
    • puncture-resistant
    • 100% maintenance free
    • More reflective (keeps your RV cooler)
    • Anti-microbial
    • Strong durable synthetic rubber
    • Flexible enough to install on a sloped roof
    • Upgrade from Dicor EPDM
    • 30 mil Thickness
  • 4'6 - 8' - 8'6 - 9' - 9'6’Wide
    Residential Membrane is 30 mil Thickness
    Commercial is 60 Mil, 10ft Wide

Visit our website- PMP United PVC

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